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Medical Detox

Substance addiction requires advanced treatment that generally begins with medical detox. Oklahoma features a wide array of medical detox facilities and addiction rehab centers where those suffering from addiction can get the help they need to overcome the physical dependency they have on drugs or alcohol. According to the medical community, addiction is a disease that is associated with physical, mental, and behavioral aspects. Today’s addiction treatments target each of these dependencies while supporting addiction sufferers through the long recovery process. This process almost always starts with medical detox performed at a rehab or addiction treatment center.

Addiction Treatment: Medical Detox

Medical detoxification is an inpatient treatment that usually lasts about a week, but sometimes longer. Medical detox addresses the physical dependency of addiction. During detox, sufferers are weaned from alcohol or the drug they’re addicted to. As the sufferer’s dependency on the drug is diminished through the weaning process, other treatments may be offered to target other aspects of the addiction. Cravings, for instance, can be intense during withdrawal, so treating them is another way to help sufferers on the road to recovery.

How Does the Detox Process Work?


After an individual is evaluated by addiction center specialists, a treatment plan can be crafted to address the patient’s specific needs. Then, the detox process can begin. Addiction specialists in Oklahoma will provide treatments for addiction sufferers to reduce their withdrawal symptoms as they go through the detox process. Withdrawal can be severe, but treatments can substantially reduce their intensity. It’s not uncommon for patients to suffer from tremors, nausea, insomnia or anxiety during the withdrawal period. Patients are also monitored to ensure that the process goes according to plan. Once detox is complete, further treatment is needed to address the other aspects of the sufferer’s addiction.

Detox at Home is Dangerous

Addiction sufferers should never attempt to detox at home—even if other family members are present. There are health risks associated with detox; some may even be life-threatening. Severe withdrawal symptoms can trigger health complications such as heart irregularities or seizures. Some people suffer from suicidal thoughts during withdrawal. At a medical addiction center, however, withdrawal symptoms are monitored and also treated. This is the best way to safeguard the patient’s health and to ensure that the detox process runs smoothly.

Drug Treatments and Detox

Illicit drugs like heroin and meth can involve powerful cravings. These cravings can disrupt the recovery process and lead to relapse. Addiction specialists in Oklahoma will often recommend that some addiction sufferers include drug therapy as part of their overall treatment plan. Suboxone, for instance, can reduce the powerful cravings of opiates, which include prescription painkillers as well as heroin. Methadone is often prescribed for sufferers addicted to crystal meth, a dangerous street drug associated with a 93 percent relapse rate. Some people may only require this treatment during the initial phases of their overall treatment. Some, however, may need to rely on them indefinitely in order to ward off relapse.

Post-Detox Treatment

Addicts must understand that medical detox is only the initial treatment. Detox addresses the physical dependency, but nothing more. Further treatments must be obtained to address the mental and behavioral aspects of the addiction. Without further therapy, relapse is likely, even imminent. Addiction specialists in Oklahoma will recommend a treatment plan for sufferers that will likely include inpatient or outpatient therapy, possibly alternative treatments, mental health treatments, and certainly aftercare, which provides the recovering addict with long-term support.

Addiction may be a complex illness, but it can be managed. If you live in Oklahoma, you have access to various addiction treatment centers. Begin your road to recovery with medical detox, but be sure to obtain a comprehensive form of treatment that addresses all of your needs.