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Alternative Treatment

Drug addiction and alcoholism are complex problems that need to be tackled in a variety of ways. From the early stages of crisis intervention and medical detox to rehabilitation and aftercare, each element of treatment is integral to the overall process. Access to treatment is dependent on many things, including the individual in question, the substance and the extent of addiction. Alternative treatment is available alongside conventional methods, including art therapy, music therapy, equine therapy and restorative yoga. While many of these programs are based on the same cognitive, behavioral and motivational methods used in conventional counseling, traditional psychotherapeutic methods may be applied in vastly different ways. If you or anyone you know is living with a drug addiction problem, it’s important to seek professional help in Oklahoma as soon as you can.

What is Alternative Treatment?

The drug treatment process can be split up into three separate yet integrated components: detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support. Detox is concerned primarily with drug discontinuation and withdrawal management, with medications sometimes administered to support this process. Rehab is concerned with treating the emotional and mental issues that influence addiction. Following rehab, patients are encouraged to enroll in aftercare support programs, including 12-step groups, SMART Recovery and sober living centers. While individual and group counseling form the basis of most rehab and aftercare regimes, a number of alternative approaches have also become available in recent times. Alternative treatments often analyze the problem of addiction from a different angle, with spiritual, physical, and creative methods often employed. For example, art therapy uses the creative process as a therapeutic act, faith-based treatment analysis addiction is administered from a spiritual perspective, and restorative yoga helps the client to overcome addiction issues by becoming more aware of their physical presence.

Benefits of Alternative Treatment

Substance use disorders manifest in numerous ways, from occasional drug or alcohol abuse to full-blown physical addiction. Differences in personality types and substances of abuse greatly influence treatment regimens, as do the history and extent of addiction. Alternative treatment programs help people manage addiction and recovery on their own terms as well as integrate every aspect of their personality into the treatment process. For example, a number of faith-based rehab programs are available across the United States, with these programs helping people to understand their addiction from a religious perspective. In another example, mindfulness and meditation programs help people recognize potential triggers and become more aware of their thoughts and feelings throughout the recovery process. While conventional medical and psychotherapeutic techniques still form the basis of drug treatment programs, alternative treatments enable a more well-rounded and holistic treatment approach.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a popular treatment method used during residential and outpatient rehab in Oklahoma. There are two basic ways to approach art therapy, the first of which uses the creative process itself as a therapeutic act and the second of which uses art analysis and interpretation as a communication tool. Art therapy is widely available across the United States, with rehab centers offering this kind of therapy in combination with individual and group counseling. Common art therapy approaches include person-centered therapy, cognitive therapy, behavior therapy and narrative therapy, Adlerian therapy, and Family Systems therapy. Art therapy can be mixed with other treatments during rehab or aftercare.

Equine Therapy

Equine therapy, also known as equine-assisted therapy (EAT), is a treatment approach that promotes physical, emotional and occupational growth through working with horses. While this form of therapy is rarely used alone, it provides a fascinating alternative when merged with conventional medical and psychotherapeutic techniques. By riding horses and performing tasks involving horses, people learn how to solve problems, complete tasks, and communicate effectively with both the horse and the therapist.

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